Save the planet and benefit unaccountably with Led lights!

The world is in constant search for measures to increase the life of the planet and protect it against damages. The invention of Led lights and the advancement the technology has done in the field today is just an example of how science is working for the benefit of the world. People today search for lighting options which consume less energy, conserve power and at the same time are eco friendly and economical; all these properties simply describe Led tube lights and other Led light sources. They are being widely used today as they are accepted as the most cost effective and efficient source of lighting along with being environment friendly as well.

LED is the full form of light emitting diodes. These lighting sources make use of the semiconductor in them which gives out light due to the movement of electrons in them. The electrons in the semiconductor are in regular motion and the LED’s make use of the same property to produce visible light. Unlike the traditional light sources, like the halogen bulbs which require a lot of energy to heat the filament installed in them to produce visible light, the LED tube lights use so less energy. They are efficient and conserve more energy than use it, every second. A standard led light source will convert the 80% of energy it uses to visible light and the remaining 20% to heat.  They are thus more efficient and cost effective than ordinary light sources as they will reduce the amount of electricity bills that you will have to pay by conserving more energy per second power.

Led tube lights are more durable and have a longer lifespan as compared to the traditional light sources such as fluorescent lights, halogen bulbs or other incandescent light sources. They give you longer working hours. A standard Led light lasts for approximately 50,000 hours, than an ordinary lighting source which only gives you visible light output for 6000 hours. This means that Led light sources are 10 to 20% more efficient than the ordinary light sources. A cherry on the top is their cost effectiveness. Once you get a Led light installed, you simply forget about the need of replacing it too soon which is unlikely when you use the ordinary light sources.

Fluorescent lights, halogen bulbs and other incandescent light sources are major health and environment hazards. This is because they contain huge amounts of mercury and other toxic substances in their tubing. The flickering of fluorescent lights usually cause vision problems and headaches in people who work while exposed to such lighting for hours and hours. Usually the light is so bright that it irritates the eye and distracts vision. When these lights are replaced with Led tube lights, a lot of health and environment hazards are sorted out. Nor do the Led lights contain mercury nor they have halogens filled in them which can be potentially harmful for the ozone layer and the environment. Led lights are thus the savior lighting of the planet’s future.

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